Our Game 游戏

BIG Package will match the winning 4D number with all 23 winning results, Prize rate for each category is different.

SMALL Package will only match the winning 4D number with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize numbers. Of course, the winning prize rate will be higher than BIG Package.

4D A or 4A Package will match all 4 digits of First Prize only.

3D ABC Package will match the last 3 digits against the 1st, 2nd and 3rd 4D prize number.

3D A
3D A Package will match the last 3 digits against the 1st 4D prize number.

PRIZE CATEGORY $1 on 4D (BIG) $1 on 4D (SMALL) $1 on 4D (4A) $1 on 3D ABC $1 on 3D A
1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Starter Prize
Consolation Prize

How it's work?

Our 4D games draws are conducted in daily basic or seven (7) times a week, and held at our own licensed casino, ALOTTO lobby together with the public audiences. It will commence at 6.10pm (Cambodia Time zone at GMT+7) and is conducted in full view of the public.

The entire draws are viewable and transparent to everyone in our casino lobby. Everyone in casino, and everyone who watching online are responsible for witnessing and verifying the winning numbers drawn for the respective games. This is to ensures all our draws are conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

All Bonus Jackpot is only applicable for our 4D product.
The minimum bet for a 4D number must not less than USD0.5 / RM2 / THB15 / IDR6,000.

You will earn 1 unit share of the Bonus for every USD0.5 bet for each individual 4D number, and earn 2 units of share if your bet exceed USD0.99.